Silver Bell was established in 1987 with the goal of introducing trustworthy and advanced medical devices to our clients. With nearly 30 years of distributing experiences, we have expanded our product categories and market share. Our long-term objective is to introduce new products to fulfill the needs of the Taiwanese market, and to increase the visibility of cutting-edge devices, we believe it is our responsibility to offer our business partners and customers a reliable service.

Our commitment is to strive for the best in introducing trustworthy and advanced medical devices to our clients .

Our corporate integrity, honesty, and transparency are unwavering.

銀鐸實業有限公司成立於1987年,至今已邁入30年,為專業醫療儀器及耗材進口代理商。本公司於北、中、南均設有工作據點,主要與台灣各大醫學中心、教學醫院及大型區域醫院合作。我們所代理的產品均為歐美各國知名品牌之醫療產品,品質均達到美國食品藥物管理局(FDA)的核准,或者是歐盟的品質系統(CE MARK)及ISO13485的品質要求; 代理之各項產品也都通過國內衛生福利部食品藥物管理署之審核。銀鐸公司的長期目標為將創新且有助於醫療照護的產品引進至台灣醫療市場。